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These lift shackles will give just over 1.5" of lift. They have a bolt center distance of 6.75" and and overall length of 8". They are constructed from 3/8" Thick steel. The bolts are 18mm Grade 10.9 and feature an internal passage which provides grease to the center of the bushings. The bolt shank is selected so the bushings never ride on any threads. The bolt head is restricted from rotating to prevent the holes from becoming distorted. The nuts are Stover locking nuts.


Urethane bushings are recommended. Rubber can be used but grease is not recommended. Bushings are NOT included.

Order through email to discuss options and payment.

Big Bore Intake Kit

For many years the Big Bore Intake kit was offered through the store as a complete package. However, due to the extreme shortage of intake cores it can no longer be offered as a finished product.

If you would like a kit it will be as a service. Your existing intake core will be shipped to me, cleaned and modified and then returned with the modified big bore throttle body in the package.

Order through email to discuss options and payment.

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