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Body Modifications


Front Bumper

For my front bumper refresh I needed something to be permanent and flexible since the ends of the bumper are plastic. First I sandblasted the bumper since it was pretty rusty and the paint was all but gone. I went to my local Line-X shop and talked the guy into completely wrapping the bumper in Line-X for $100 bucks. It was a great deal this stuff is nearly bullet proof and since it is wrapped all around the bumper it will never come off plus it will flex if the plastic ends should meet the side of a tree.


Front Grill

The last step in my beautification process was to clean up the grill. Again it had seen some wear and the plastic chrome was coming off in places and the elements had eaten into the plastic a little bit. So I sandblasted the grill down to bare plastic and used a flexible spray on filler / primer on the grill and sanded it down to a smooth finish. After the sanding was finished I used a spray on flexible plastic paint to paint the grill in a flat black finish. I also did the same treatment to the ISUZU emblem on the grill.


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